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=====Driveshaft Support (carrier) Bearing Replacement =====
====on the 1982 240D (W123)====
===by ""Scott98""===

**How to replace the driveshaft support (carrier) bearing - A step by step guide**

**Step 1:** Mark the relative positions of the front and rear driveshafts. Also mark the relative positions of the front and rear flex discs.

**Step 2:** Get a 46mm and 41mm wrench and loosen the sleeve nut located on the front section of the shaft.

**Step 3:** Remove the front flex disc and compress the driveshaft.

**Step 4:** Remove the front portion of the drive shaft.

**Step 5:** Remove the two 13mm bolts on the carrier support bracket.

**Step 6:** Note the circlip. You will need to remove this later.

**Step 7:** Remove the rear flex disc and remove the rear portion of the drive shaft.

**Step 8:** Picture of front and rear driveshafts removed and associated parts. The broken portion of my carrier bearing and bracket are still attached to the rear driveshaft.

**Step 9:** Remove the circlip. Get a large three jaw puller and remove the carrier bearing.

**Step 10:** Picture of rear driveshaft with old carrier bearing and bracket removed. Also pictured are the new carrier bearing and bracket.

**Step 11:** Press the new carrier bearing into the bracket. I lubed the bracket with dishwashing liquid and pressed the carrier bearing in with my hands.

**Step 12:** The new carrier bearing and bracket are installed on the driveshaft. Don't forget to reinstall the circlip! The bracket has a shoulder which must face the rear of the car upon installation. The bearing rests against the shoulder when you press it into the bracket. Picture it like this - if you were to pull the bracket off the driveshaft, it would take the carrier bearing with it.

The last picture is of the gigantic wrenches you will need. Many of your parts/bolts may be rusted in place so be patient. My rear flex disc was seized to the driveshaft so I had to remove the flex disc from the differential to get it out of the car. You may be luckier than I was. Make sure you realign everything to match the marks you made upon installation so nothing is out of balance.

Good luck!


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