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=====Ignition Lock Cylinder Replacement=====
====on the 1987 300D Turbo (W124)====
===by ""Crazy_Nate""===

**W124 Ignition Lock Cylinder Replacement: How-to (W124, OM603)**


My ignition suddenly got difficult to, I quickly called up a local dealer and ordered a new lock cylinder. Better to catch it before it turns into a major problem! Since I didn't see anything for the W124 chassis, I thought it would be appropriate to write up something quick for it

If you have the service manual cd, the literature is under the Chassis and Body section, under steering (Removing and installing lock cylinder 46-8110)

~- Tools / parts needed

~1. New lock cylinder (as of 9/11/09 - $91.50 from dealer)
~2. Screwdriver (for removing trim)
~3. Hanger or wire (roughly 2 mm diameter wire)
~4. Diagonal cutters
~5. Ruler / tape measure

~- Test hanger thickness (or welding wire, etc).

~- Construct tool: Unbent length = 32cm. Two 90 degree bends with two outside 15 cm lengths leaving 2 cm in center. Use diagonal cutters to cut 45 degree portions off the tips (on the interior side - see picture). I also used a little bit of sandpaper to clean up the cuts.

~- Remove trim.

~- Insert wire tool with key in number 1 position (mine was a bit of a pain to get it to release the lock cylinder).

~- Pull old cylinder right out.

~- Remove key from old cylinder and swap cylinders in cap (black with small detents).
~- Turn key to number 1 position, align cap markings with key.
~- Insert new cylinder.

~- Turn cap until it sits flush with lock cylinder in appropriate orientation.
~- Test key / start car. If it doesn't turn easily, it's probably not seated correctly or the cap isn't flush like it should be.

[[ Discuss this DIY here.]]

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