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===== Cabin Filter Replacement =====
====on the 1998 E430 (W210)====

**This procedure applies to all W210 chassis vehicles.**
1) There are 8 screws; four on the top of the glove box facing you, two on the bottom inside facing down (under the little rubber plugs) and two on top inside next to the light fixture. (you will have to look up with a flashlight to see them. Don't remove the ones holding the light.

2) Once the 8 screws are removed, you simply pull out on the glovebox door assembly to remove it. It will take a **HARD JERK** to remove it. There are slots on the top edge of the glovebox and tabs on the dash holding it all together. Some people have success prying gently around the tabs but you stand the chance of damaging the dash if you try to pry too hard.

3) When glovebox comes loose, you can then disconnect the wire from the glovebox light.

4) Look for a white clip holding the cover to the filter. It unlocks from the bottom. Once you get it off and remove the black plastic cover you will see the dirty filters.

5) Remove the two dust filters. First pull the left one out and then slide the right one to the left to get it out. Vacuum the space before installing the new filters.

6) Reverse the process to install the new dust filters.

7) The charcoal filters are under the passenger side dash and can be reached by removing the underneath cover. Pull down to remove the 2 filters after the covers are removed.

8) Reverse the process to install the new charcoal filters.


**Here are some pics that ""BigBen"" took when he changed his filters:**


**Here's a tip from ""raymond~""**

the ridges are not crucial to glove box fit, I opine, and serve merely to elicit
cursing upon removal. so after you remove the glove box, take a small file
and taper the ridge to roughly 45° slope (instead of OEM of 70°) and it will
ease removal *immensely* from that point on. I did this and suffered no
rattling afterwards. seems a pretty tame mod.

[[ Discuss this DIY here.]]

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