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Damaged CDs and DVDs are a common problem.  Is it really possible to fix skipping and other problems with a cleaner?

by Lynn Phillips

At first I was a little skeptical, so I didn't even bother to take my 303 Sonic Blast out of its packaging. It had been a week or so since I received it, and I tossed it in a pile of new detailing supplies.

One night I decided to rent a movie so I could kick back and relax. I had been working on the Caddy and spent way too may hours in the garage.

When I got home with the movie, I popped up a fresh batch of popcorn, slipped the movie into the player and settled into my easy chair to get comfortable. Life was good and I was beginning to relax.

About five minutes into the movie it started having problems. The movie kept skipping and stopping! Don't you just love it when you go rent a movie that you can't watch? Now agitated, I jumped back out of my easy chair to eject the DVD only to find that it was a scratched up mess. It looked like my son's year old Batman DVD after he used it as a Frisbee in the backyard.

At this point I considered calling it a night and going to bed when I remembered that CD/DVD cleaner stuff in the garage. I got the bottle of Sonic Blast and a microfiber towel from the garage thinking "We'll just see how good this stuff is or if it's a gimmick!" The DVD was hacked up pretty bad, so this would certainly be a good test of the product.

I read the directions and, because I was a little skeptical and the DVD was in such horrible shape, I cleaned it twice. As I was polishing the DVD dry, I thought to myself, "...there is no way anything will make this DVD play again..."

Back in the house it was judgment time! I put the DVD back into the player and hit play. I didn't even bother to sit back down, because I thought that I would just have to get up again to take the movie back out. After 5 minutes there was no skipping or stopping. I got through the area where it last stopped and mumbled under my breath "Well I'll be darned!" It worked!

After watching for about 10 minuets I sat down and got comfortable again with my popcorn. I watched the entire movie without any interruptions and couldn't believe how well the 303 Sonic Blast worked.

The next day I went around the house cleaning DVD's, CD's and my 6 year old son's computer game discs, some of which I thought were trash. Later that day I told my 17 year old daughter how well Sonic Blast works and I haven't seen the bottle since. It disappeared into her room to take care of her 100's of CD's and DVD's.

I'm not a hi-fi expert, so I searched out other reviews of this product.  I found onhi-fi was equally enthusiastic.  I asked 303 to provide proof in the form people can hear or see.  This is what we got:

The following pictures represent an oscilloscope view of the the music signal before and after using Sonic Blast.  As you can see, the signal on the right has more information.  



Click to Listen

Click to Listen

I highly recommend 303 Sonic Blast. It performed better than expected and was extremely easy to use. I also noticed that my DVD's had a much clearer picture and my CD's a much better sound quality. At the price they charge for DVD's and CD's these days the 303 Sonic Blast is absolutely worth using for maintenance. A single small bottle cleans and restores up to 300 discs.

Now I guess I will have to get another bottle as I don't think my daughter will be giving it up any time soon.

Sonic Blast is available from Autopia Car Care.