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Yesterday, as I was installing a RF CD Changer in our new-to-us 1995 C220, I noticed that there was a wire that had come disconnected from its solder lug on a connector and another, on the same connector, that was about to come loose. As I recall, one was brown and one was brown with a green (?) stripe. It was on a connector that was designed to handle up to 4 wires but only had two. It was a few inches from another connector that was similar but red.

Anyone know what these wires are for? Maybe has something to do with my SRS light staying on longer than it should?

I did not trace the wires but I did reconnect them. I'm not sure whether the SRS light is switching off more quickly or not as I haven't yet driven the car.

Thanks for any info. And I must say, as others before me have, that this forum is a wonderful -- even incredible -- resource. The problems that I have resolved in just the one week that I have owned this car and been a member of this forum has saved me hundreds of dollars.

Jody Hart
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