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Originally posted by stevebfl

Over the last decade I have read much that says that the largest source of wear in a motor comes in the first instances before the oil pressure is stable in the motor on cold starting. Based on these findings. it is widely recommended that light weight oils be used as they fill quickly and the pressure is stabilized more quickly
I am sorry, but I still don't quite understand yet
and as for light weight oil, what does it mean by light weight?

and where do you get 15-40? I couldn't find it dealer recommends 15-40 too, but I couldn't find it so I settle for 15-40 also a synthetic oil?

and I will appreciate if someone can tell me about what it means to be missing those stamps I talked about earlier on the 15W-50 bottles.....

sorry for asking so many questions, but I would really want to know the answers
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