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First & foremost, I want to thank everyone for sharing your knowledge here at MBShop. When information is posted, it is available for future use by using the search function; this effectively makes these forums a *tremendous* repository of information for those wanting to learn about the functioning of their vehicles.

I think that the professional technicians as well as other enthusiasts are extraordinarily generous with sharing their expertise with others. At the same time, it is a privilege that should not be abused by asking questions that have already been answered. This is a matter of mutual respect.

I feel that people should make good use of the search function to look for previous postings on the particular subject matter that they are interested in. If the information is not there, then by all means, go for the gold.

I hope that this does not come off as a rude sort of posting that is *absolutely* not the intention. I just would like to find ways to perpetuate the interest and contributions of people involved here, and I believe that fresh questions and concepts are much more interesting to those that provide the answers, as well as those that read these forums.

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