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ok....after all this discussion....i only have one question in mind.....would 15-50 mobil 1 be too much for my C280? I thought my car is hot running since my friends' mercedes don't usually go over 90, (in fact it rarely goes over 90) while mine goes over 90 easily...but apparently that is not hot would it do damage to my car since i already put 15-50 in?
if yes, what should I do?
I live in Vancouver where temperature are usually in the 10-20 celcius (50-70 F degree) summer around 20-25 degrees (70-80 degree F)
sometimes it reach as hot as 30 degree celcius (85 degree F) in summer and as low as minus 5 to 10 degree celcius (20-25 degree F) in winter.....most of the time in winter are around 0-10 degree celcius...(34-50 degree F)

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