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Originally Posted by Johnhef
Alpine radios come with mounting brackets and a short wiring harness to splice into your factory harness.

This radio will fit in the hole perfectly. Alpine also gives you the wiring color scheme right on the underside of the radio as a quick reference for installation. They make it very easy.

I don't get the SAT reference, I was thinking LGB was Lehmann Gross Bahn? Its been awhile but I still have mine somewhere... nice outside layout at one time too... or I'm way off and that doesnt make any sense to anybody
John...not only do you give my stereo an unsolicited plug (pun intended) but you give tech references to it AND you're a big train fan.

Yes the reference to LGB is to the BIG TRAINS (although every time I Google LGB I get LesbianGayBisexual references and sites ).

I have an outdoor layout. Iused to work/play onit every weekend. But it has been a couple of years since I've played with them. I have to do major overhaul of the layout. I seemed to have a lot more time when the kids were little....

I've not even run my LGB shay in years. I took it out of its case and ran it twice, then it went back to the case. Maybe this coming Spring and Summer I'll finally get back to it...

Again, thanks for the plug and the tech reference.

ATATEXAN, the h/u is with my "stereo guy." He was trying ot sell it for me at his shop. I'll go pick it up tomorrow and get it ready to ship. I'll PM you with details.

I'll need a shipping address (and whether it is a business or a home, (FedEx wants to know) and method of shipment you want.

Thanks for buying the unit.

Best regards....
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