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I got one at, believe it or not, JC Whitney for around $11. I was so impressed with it on first use that I bought several more and gave them as gifts. It usually doesn't tear the boots either which is a real plus. Just take your time getting it in far enough to do the job but no further.

At the last pull-a-thon at my favorite wrecker (all u can carry, $25) I observed a group of three guys pulling some suspension stuff off an Audi near where I was working. It became obvious they were struggling with a pickle fork and were taking turns slamming on it to exhaustion with no success. I walked up to them with the tool and silently handed it to one of them; he knew instantly what it was. He was back in 90 sec with a huge smile and said as he handed it back to me "That's one awesome Mutha F^%$#*& tool. Where'd ja get it?". When I told him, he replied that one of their catalogues was on his couch. There's probably one near yours too, or in the recycling bin!
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