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I am shopping for a good joint seperator too.

I have a cheap "seesaw" from J.C. Whitney and I cannot get it to work. The folk shape tool works for me everytime. The problem with my cheap seesaw is that it flattens the tip of my tie rod end making it uselss. Maybe, I just do not know how to use that seesaw tool.

IMPCO (www.************************) has a tie rod end remover (p/n 99-611) and it looks like a double seesaw. It is expensive, around $90. I do not know how well it works.

By searching around, I found the following tools:

It appears to me that these joint removers (M3029 and 266H) have a ball shape contact at the end of the pusher screw. I think they will not flatten the tie rod end as my cheap seesaw tool does.

Here is another joint remover/installer tool that I am thinking about :

Any comments on these tools?


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