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Can any one back up my thoughts on what i`ve found. i bought the car a month ago it had a near bald tyre on the side that is now making the noise the other three tyres were 80% good, now to what i`ve found, that rear wheel that has the noise and the bald tyre and the binding caliper has also got about 20mm toe-in, it should have been 0mm or at worst 1mm toe in. Now here`s my question, with a binding caliper making things hot and also 20mm of toe-in both must have been puting in my mind a hell of a lot of strain and heat on the wheel bearing, is this enough to cook the bearing? also does anyone know if it`s possible to change the bearing using a press and the usual tools instead of being charged an arm and a leg by MB to do it for you, they want $1000.00AUS (5hrs labour and $250 for the bearing)
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