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removing vacuum hoses?


I've been reading the forum for awhile. My first real attempt at maintenance is not working out well.
I received the vacuum hose that I ordered and
I just made an attempt at replacing the visibly worst line.

I slipped the clamps off... but the hose doesn't seem to want to withdraw?

Seen from another angle:

The other end of the hose is stuck too...
but it 'overwraps' it's fitting, so it can be sliced off.

I read a few 'do it yourself' topics that mention vacuum and I also tried 'search'...
but I can't find anything that relates to removing the hoses.

If someone can point me to a relevant thread, I would be grateful.

I'm afraid to tug or twist any harder on the hose.
I don't really want to render the vehicle immovable.

I guess I should say that the car is an '87 300 SDL.


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