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I noticed the slit running up the far back side of the collar on my hose.
I tried to pry at the end of the hose through there, with a curved metal pick.
I finally used it to slice through the hose exposed there and I got it off.

I replaced both bottom hoses and took it for a spin down the highway.
When I saw that it was running ok, I turned around and blasted over
the 7 Mile Bridge, figuring that it needed to cruise a little, to build up vacuum.
When I got back, it seemed to be shifting better, although still not perfectly.

Another 'symptom' was the wet windshield.
It just turned it a foggy white this time.
I don't know if that's an improvement, or if it has to do with the 'dewpoint',
or some other meteorological factors?

I'm delighted that I could accomplish the hose change,
especially after my initial failure.
Should I change them all, or should I leave the ones that look decent?
I guess that I should remove them to examine them,
so it's probably just as easy to replace them while they're off.

This forum is like a goose that lays golden eggs.
Thank you.
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