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Originally Posted by Ra_
I noticed the slit running up the far back side of the collar on my hose.
I tried to pry at the end of the hose through there, with a curved metal pick.
I finally used it to slice through the hose exposed there and I got it off.

I replaced both bottom hoses and took it for a spin down the highway.
When I saw that it was running ok, I turned around and blasted over
the 7 Mile Bridge, figuring that it needed to cruise a little, to build up vacuum.
When I got back, it seemed to be shifting better, although still not perfectly.

Another 'symptom' was the wet windshield.
It just turned it a foggy white this time.
I don't know if that's an improvement, or if it has to do with the 'dewpoint',
or some other meteorological factors?

I'm delighted that I could accomplish the hose change,
especially after my initial failure.
Should I change them all, or should I leave the ones that look decent?
I guess that I should remove them to examine them,
so it's probably just as easy to replace them while they're off.

This forum is like a goose that lays golden eggs.
Thank you.

Any vacuum lines that are tight and look good leave alone...if they come off easy then they are leaking...replace them..and lines that are split and look bad , well thats a no brainer.
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