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Call me old-fashioned, but I still like the notion of draining the oil from the bottom. I buy my own oil and filter and visit my friendly mechanic, who does the work. Just got back, in fact. Labor was $15, and for the money, I got a thorough inspection, too. Also, I follow the recommendations in the owner's manual, and because this is summer, I put in 20-50 Castrol, which was recommended by an MB mechanic. Regarding frequency, my policy is better safe than sorry. So I pop in for a change every 3,000 miles. I asked my friendly mechanic about Mobil 1, and he said it's fine if that's what the car started out with. But if you're switching, you may encounter some problems. That has been his experience. Oil, from what I understand, primarily does two things: It lubricates, and it traps stuff. As far as the lower viscosity is concerned, I would think it's better to stay in the high end in summer. That way, not all of the oil drains off crucial engine parts when the car sits. In winter, of course, when temperatures dip, the problem changes, and you want to use a lower viscosity so that the engine turns over, is lubricated at the outset and continues to be lubricated while running. I have an '84 380SE that is getting ready to turn 134,000 miles. Purrs like a kitten.
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