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Originally Posted by sailor15015
Hey everyone. I know its the wrong season to be asking an a/c question but I've been reasearching this on this forum and other sites and its driving me crazy. I'm going on a trip next summer and I want to get it up and running over the winter. My car has been converted to r134a. A P/O had the compressor, dryer, exp valve, and fittings all replaced. I know I have a leak and something funky is going on with the compressor. I put a charge WITH OIL in it to get it working. The compressor works but it makes a god-aweful noise. Does it need to be replaced? If so is there a special compressor that this car uses when its been convereted? Will the original R4 compressor work if I can get my hands on one? I've read Dieselgiant's how-to on cleaning out the system and that's where I'm going to start. On my list of things to do is to replace the reciever/drier and the expansion valve. My main concern right now is the compressor. Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated.
I converted my '82 300D to R-134a about six years ago. My compressor started making a lot of noise shortly thereafter. But it still works. So I am going to ride it till it quits, then convert back to R-12.
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