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Hello Board. A while back I posted about after-market add on's, specifically referring to whether it's possible to add seat memory to a W124.

G-Benz brought up a great point about comparing wiring diagrams for this model with and without seat memory, and then comparing the feasibility of whether to do it or not.

I think that's a great point, especially in figuring out the logistics. I've called around to a few shops and they are like "huh"? This has now become a quest for me - I am the type when I think something can be done and I am told no, I get pissed and want to prove the world wrong.

So for those of you who have the Service CD's and are familiar with them, let me ask this question. Are they step-by-step for particular issues? For example, does it tell you how to replace the seat memory function? Does it have wiring grids or layouts so that it is easy to compare with and without? Or is it written for techs only so that to me, a non-tech, it would appear, for lack of a better pun, as if it were written in German?

If obviously it is step-by-step and in non-tech speak, then I guess the next step would be to purchase the manual, figure out what has to be done, then go pricing the parts if I want to do it myself, or take it to a recommended mechanic and show him and negotiate a cost.

Or am I really wasting my time on this one?


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