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When I got my car back from the alignment shop (also replaced a couple of frontend parts + pwr steering pump) there were a bunch of items that didn't work- speedometer, dome light door switches (dome light won't come on when door opens- OK when turned on using the overhead control and curb lights work OK), drivers electric seat, central locking. Fuses check OK. Frt Pax seat OK. Vanity mirrors OK. Trunk light Ok.

Is there a common thread here? I can't see one based on the fuse box description.

I should mention that they had to jump the car a few times (one cell in the battery went bad) and don't know if this could have been a contributing factor.

Saw the thread on the early 80's speedo pickup check- is it the same in mine?

TIA for the help

Jim Taylor
McAllen TX
87 420 SEL
85.5 944 Kone Killer
97 Tahoe
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