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As Required

Brother of The Benz, renyf1
Considerring the mileage service you are requesting, 60K, and not the year or model then the following should be considered.
Change all fluids: cooling system, engine oil and filter, transmission/converter oil and filter, differential, brake fluid(flush and refill).
The engine requires tuning i.e. replacing spark plugs, spark plug wires(inspect and replace if required), distributor cap and rotor(inspect and replace as required), Lambda Control adjustment(provided your engine uses same), Front suspension inspection and alignment, and wheel balance.
Considerring 60,000 miles, your front brakes are possibly on the second set of pads and due for replacing whereas the rear too, on the original set are due as well.
Service the front wheel bearings with the brake service.
Repace the Air Filter Element. You may consider the K&N Filter as many of us have.
Inspect the battery and clean the battery terminals and cables.
Inspect/adjust or replace the fan belt(s).
Inspect for height, the motor supports.
Inspect the flex couplings and mid-joint of the propeller shaft.
Test and inspect the performance of the Air Conditioning System and repair as required.
A thorough road test should top it off.
This is what I had performed on my 1987 300E many years ago.
As for the oil leak, as small as your description, keep an eye on it and should it worsen then take action.
Possibly others can input what has slip my old mind.
Happy Trails Beep Beep from The Spiderman in Houston!!!

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