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Short answer: probably not.

Long answer:

I considered something similar and balked when faced with the following:

- people will want big, heavy parts that will be difficult to package, and be over UPS' 70lb limit. The motor carriers I've dealt with are not 'retail' friendly.

- people will want parts that are difficult and/or messy to remove, and they'll expect reasonably clean parts.

- no one will want the hulk you're left with when all the good stuff is gone. Consider the cost of having the hulk removed from your property, particularly when the wheels are gone. And the wheels will be the first to go.

- it'll be difficult to make the case that the engine and transmission are any good on a car that can't be test driven. But maybe that's the case now.

- if your car has spent any time in the north east, it's going to be difficult to remove suspension and drivetrain components.

I don't mean to rain on your parade, so get some estimates on what you can get for the car as it is today. Talk to wrecking yards in your area, consider disposing of it on ebay, talk to your tax person about donating it, etc. Do a mental exercise of amortizing what your car cost you less what you can get for it, over the service it's provided you. I don't know that it makes sound financial sense, but you might be able to psych yourself into thinking you've already gotten your money's worth.

Now, I speak of your car like it's ready for the crusher. Your car might be in great shape and surprise you with what someone will offer you for it. Try just plain selling it first.

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