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I've never seen a TXV (expansion valve) fail due to being gummed up. They are easily cleaned upon removal. The only two ways that I've ever seen them fail is that they start leaking between the diaphragm and the body, OR they open up wide providing no restriction for the system. That does not mean that they cannot fail any other way, it's just that it's all I've seen.

Yes lots of R4's have been used in conversions in the past, but now there is no longer a need to run 134 in these cars. 134 has gone up in price while R12 have taken a nose dive. I bought R12 a few months ago for $14.16 per pound while 134 has gone up near $10.

If you are going to open the system and replace the r/d anyway, simply flush everything good enough to get out most of the oil, put in 6 oz. of mineral oil or the R12 compatible synthetic and charge with R12. You will have a better performing and longer lived system.

I looked at your signature to see where you are before recommending reverse conversion. If you were in a cold climate it would not be as big of a problem running 134, but the time I spent in Norman I remember lots of heat.

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