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Originally Posted by boneheaddoctor
I forget how public his issues were so I won't repeat them....

problem is hiss equipment is locked up in storage right now....and he doesn't have space....and will leave it at that...since I don't know how much is public knowledge and how much is private...
Maybe if someone (who knows him) PMs him we could find out how much he needs to get them out of storage. I'm sure 20 people or so could manage to pool enough funds to succeed in that, and use the proceeds as a deposit towards injectors (or a premium on top, if need be for Tom's sake). As for the space, maybe someone has some shop room to spare for a month or so in return for rebuilt injectors?

There's enough of us here that it probably wouldn't be to hard to help Tom get on his feet again.


P.S. I won't press this matter anymore, hope he does okay.
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