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We've Joked About This...

But seriously, an information page for prospective and newly registered members relating to conduct and operations would be verty helpful. It even took me a few months to get used to how everything worked, and how to use certain features on this website.

Perhaps we could all submit suggestions for such a guide.


Set up an email address so you can communicate off line.

Use that address when things get testy, instead of flaming.

How to post pictures.

How to post "smilies"...

How to set up your "profile".

Where the other forums are located, & what they are for.

Appropriate content guidelines for each forum.

"Courtesy" guidelines for posting other sources for parts.

What the icons at the bottom of each post are for.

How to "quote" properly.

What "edit/delete" is for.

How to "cut & paste" to move a posting from one forum to another.

Simple courtesys:

No, you didn't think of it first...

Why not use the forums for a month or so before suggesting changes...

Did you check the archives first before starting the 1000th "what oil should I use" thread?

Sorry, but the techs here aren't on salary, they're volunteers...

Have you tried doing a search on the internet using a "search engine"?

Why do we post links, if you won't read them, and still ask the same question that the link would have answered?

There's more, trust me. And add your own...
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