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Hello, I did a search first, like a good new forum member, and found lots of info on this topic. The problem is that I found a bunch of conflicting answers and wanted to seek the informed opinions of the group -- Thanks in advance!

The car is a 1990 190E 2.6, with 89K miles. When starting the car from cold, it cranks and starts right away, runs for about 2 seconds and dies. Upon restart, the car cranks for about 5 seconds, starts up and "chugs" or "stumbles" on not all six cylinders for about 10 seconds or so, then smooths out and runs fine from then on. The problem will recur if restarting the car when it's cooled off, but the car starts up perfectly if it's still hot (i.e. if it's sat for less than an hour).

So -- I researched the problem and found a couple prior postings with what sounded like the exact same symptoms. The problem is that the advice received to solve the issue included the following:

1) Cold start valve leaking or malfunctioning (this one makes the most sense to me as it seems like there may be extra fuel being delivered to just a couple cylinders, just for a few seconds)

2) Spark plugs, and/or ignition cap and rotor (I intend to replace these anyway, since I don't know the last time it was done)

3) OVP relay (which seems to get blamed from everything from poor idle and strangely blinking warning lights to bubonic plague and ring around the collar)

Advice?? I don't want to replace the Cold Start Valve on a whim, but I'll do it if it seems to be the consensus advice. What controls the cold start valve -- any sensor or computer things to consider? Are there other things I've overlooked? (I've ordered the 201 CD-ROM but it hasn't come yet.)

Thanks again for the expertise on this forum. I am respectful of the seasoned members here, and appreciate your insights.

Best regards,

Dave Letsche
Saint Paul, Minnesota
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