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My 2 Cents

I must say that my car did the same as yours is doing for about a year before the symptoms changed. That is, my car started up fine the first time. But it next would stall and hard start after that. Then, this year it started exhibiting much different behaviour. It was hard starting from the get-go. Then, after a few months, the ABS and ASR lights came on and it begain idling roughly. Through this forum, I discovered it was a bad fuse on top of the overvoltage relay. I am no expert in the least, but I can't see totally ruling out the overvoltage relay (or the fuse). Again, my car sounded just like yours a year ago -- it was only hard starting and stalling after it first started normally; no lights were on and there was no rough idling. Though the sypmtoms eventually changed, I guess the problem remained the same because my car runs perfectly now with a new fuse!
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