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reset the code yourself . . . .

The DTC can be reset by the following:
1) Turn ignition key to 'ON'
2) Jumper pin 30 (SRS diag pin) to pin 1 (ground) on the 38 pin connector (X11/4) for 3 seconds. Lift jumper from Pin 1.
3) Wait about 10 seconds, repeat the procedure but this time short the two pins for 8 to 9seconds.
4) Remove the jumper permanently.
5) Turn ignition 'OFF' and wait 10 seconds before turning ignition on.

The pinout can be found on my page (red house): Menu #2. There you can see the X11/4 pin diagram. The 'scary' part is the pins are small and this is best done with a 'mushroom' (down toward the bottom of the same page), so you won't short to another pin. But if you are careful, there sb no problem. Make a small jumper with the appropriate pins and plug into pin 30 first, then following the above procedure, plug into pin 1.

This procedure will reset the code if that is the only code stored or it is the first code that is stored. The only DTC that sb stored is "6"; "Front passenger seat belt buckle switch (S68/4)" based on what you described (check Menu #10 for SRS).

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