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In my search for a premium diesel in the RDU area I finally found one that may meet my requirements. I have some tests being done on the fuel from three of the local stations who are carrying the premium diesel. The distributor who supplies the premium fuel locally is adding an additive package before he delivers the fuel to the dealers. I have a call into the Texaco/Shell technical department to determine the benefits of the additive package other than increasing the cetane. I will share the info with you when I get the test results which should be within 7-10 days.

The local TOPS stations that are carrying the premium diesel are as follows:


118 West Peace St
5800 Duraleigh Rd


5460 W NC 42


2110 N Roxboro Rd
921 N Miami Blvd
West Main
6007 Farrington Rd

I highly recommend using premium diesel if you can get it in your area of the country. Amoco has a premium diesel, but it is not available in the eastern part of North Carolina.
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