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Dave, considering I have tooken out my bumpers about a thousand times, here are my 2cents!!
-you say your bumper is loose, the only way for it to be loose without completely coming out is if the rail snaped out of place. There are two rails on the sides of the inside of your bumper. you can fix this by pushing the side in (with strength) If this doesn't work you might have a broken rail braket. to find out you must take out the bumper(it's very simple)
-open you hood and next to the two electric fans are two nuts, take them out. Then take out the tow hook covers which are on the bottom of the bumper(next to were the foglights should be)There you will find another two nuts. there are four nuts in total. On the side of the bumper(were your hand was in the pic but on the inside) there is a plastic stick like thing you have to push outward with your fingers. This will release the rail. you have to do this to both sides. then just slide the bumper off. the process takes me 2min. anyways after you have taken it out check the rails, both the ones on the bumper and the ones on th chasis. each rails is only like five buck. In the best case you may just have gotten the bumper off of the rail and just have to put it back on the rail..
let me know how it goes, i know my instructions weren't the best but it's like 11am and they're the best I can do
p.s I have eibach spring for $150

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