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Reading the comments, brings to mind when I was a student, Cadillac Motor Cars, at The General Motors Institute, Flint Mich.
My fifth year project was on lubricating oils, filters and oil additives(snake oil).
During the mid-fifties, the hottest crankcase additive was Wynn's Friction Proofing.
Everyone used it, it was the cats pajamas.
We made the standard bearing race friction load tests and found household bleach had better load bearing properties than WFP.
Analysing WFI, it was comprised of 87% kerosene, 9% chloronated parafine and 4% tallow soap.
The snake oil merchants have become more upscaled in the year 2000, but the results remains the same.
There ain't no free lunches.
If a product could do as they claim, I asure you the Big Three would be using it to raise their Fleet CAFE rating.
Use good motor oil and filter then change it before it needs it.
Oil is the cheapest additive you can put in your crankcase, makes no difference wheither it is dino or synth.
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