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Spiderman thanks for accepting me back into the clan, if i could ask your expert oppinion again, i do all my own work my self if i can, because the rates on Merc repairs over here are horendous, not to mention most of them do`nt know what their doing. my car is down by 1 inch on the right rear, and also that wheel has more negative camber than the left, what i`d like to know is if i raise the right by 1 inch with different size spring pads will that decrease the negative camber on that wheel. as i do`nt have the funds to get the so called experts to play with it. Btw the previous owner had and accident on that side and they have not set it up correctly and i`m trying to do it myself on the cheap. Maybe they even forgot to put the spring pad in, heaven forbid. just trying to get all the facts before i start dismanteling the rear end.

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