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my '85 380SE is stuck at the supermarket!I went to drive home,and it wouldn't start!It seems like it is going to start at first,but then sounds as if its not getting fuel?
The fuel pump is not making noise when the key is turned on?
I had my friend turn the key on and off while I was at the back of the car and no noise at the fuel pump,also lately the fuel pump has sounded a little noisy,louder than I think it should.also the car has been stalling while driving the last few days.I have only owned the car about a month.I have driven it about 1200 has 143000 miles.heads rebuilt 19k ago.It has new plugs (bosch super)new cap,rotor,air filter,& small air filter.I dont have the repair manual for this car yet,only one for 116 chassis.
Please help! I think the car is safe until I can tow it in the morning.
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