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Hi All:

I finally got rid of my knocking sound from somewhere in the engine or 4matic tranny. Whew, what a relief. This was driving me crazy for a month and a half.

It was just by chance and I don't know why it went away. Maybe someone can fill me in on this one.

A few weeks ago I discovered I had a bad flex disk on the front. Upon further inspection of the rear flex disk, I discovered my rear stabilizer arm bar bushings to be shot badly. The rear end was a little loose and I thought it was the flex disk.

While trying to change my flex disks, I didn't have a cutting torch and welder to undo my exhaust system. The previous owner welded it up. I decided to change my rear arm stabilizer bar instead. I made the change and took it for a road test.

I was so happy that the loose feeling on the rear was gone, I didn't pay attention on the knocking. I drove the car all yesterday and today and there is no knocking sounds what so ever. Totally disappeared.

Can anyone answer if you have a misaligned rear suspension that it will throw off everything enough to cause knocking that sounds like an engine knock?

I hope this bit of information is helpful to someone. I am just glad I was lucky enough to get rid of that annoying knock.

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