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BTW, this is a pretty easy DIY project. Like anything else, "next time it'll be a snap". I started on the driver's side thinking that it would be the most difficult. It's actually easier. Both the 17mm bolts can be reached from under the car. I jacked up the engine with a floor jack and a 2 x 6. I could get to everything with the car flat on the floor. When putting the new ones in, they take a little more room than the old one. Put the bottom bolt in first LOOSELY, then the top one. Make SURE the ear on the mount faces out - it's the only way it fits.

I didn't tighten up the drivers side until after I finished the other side, thinking it might be easier. On the passenger side, the top bolt is difficult because of the clearance. A box wrench is necessary. Remove the shield, it's a 10mm bolt. Make sure you torque everything to spec. Maybe that's how the bottom one on the passenger side came up missing...
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