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Hey everyone, I just though Id throw in another 1 cents in here. I agree whole-heartedly with all the suggestions made here. And the search function being made more prominent so that people will be more prone to using it is VERY important.

And Bill (Webmaster), it is unfortunately not just simply an issue of highlighting the search function I dont believe that something should be promoted before its ready for prime time; and unfortunately, the search function for this site is ABSOLUTELY NOT ready for prime time. An example is tonight I searched for information regarding diesel injectors how long do they usually last, should they be rebuilt at any particular age or mileage, is rebuilding them a DIY type project, are rebuilt ones as good as new ones, etc., etc.. Im sure that that these issues have been covered in the past, but the search function comes back with way too many irrelevant threads (see the meat & potatoes analogy above). An advanced search function would eliminate this problem. An advanced search capability is SORELY needed here.

I feel like an a**hole for being critical, as I think the world of this site and the people here, but please think of this as *constructive* criticism for the MBShop owners.
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