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I realize that this has been covered in the past, but it's been covered so many times that I just can't sort through it all. Basically I am wondering if I should switch to synthetic oil. My car is a 1987 560SEL (168k), and I have heard (here and elsewhere) that switching to synthetic on an engine that has seen too many miles with dino is not a good idea. However, synthetic seems to have so many advantages to dino oil, perhaps it would be a good idea. The car was maintained perfectly until December 1999. At that time it was sold to someone who, aside from oil changes did nothing to it. I bought it in August 2000 and replaced all fluids and filters (just to be on the safe side) as well as taking care of a few other neglected items. I would like to try to make up for the 10 months that the car didn't get TLC it needs and deserves. Any opinions would be appreciated!
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