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David F:

Car is doing great, thanks. 31 mpg on the first tank of combined city/hiway, with 20 minutes of 'row and go' on the freeway past the Del Mar Fair on opening day . Only problems I have found are some nearly invisible door dimples on the passenger side, and one hit just below the belt line that is big enough to need a dent doctor. I picked up the bin at Laguna Niguel MB (wasn't listed on Fastlane ) for $12 and snapped it in yesterday.

Leise is already talking Lorinser D93 16x8 rims, sport shocks and sway bars, Sticky tires (The Goodyear Eagle LS ain't cutting it!), etc. She says it dives and rolls a little too much in corners for her tastes. But then, when you treat the corners like skid pads and ABS threshold tests, the car is going to roll and dive! When I took the car to the body shop they showed me a C36 they are repairing - the 4th time! The lady has wrecked it 4 times, for over $10,000 damage each time. I relayed this to Leise as incentive to slow it down a little. Her response? "Obviously that woman needs driving lessons if she can't control her car any better than that!"

Dave Avusblue:

The cassettes went in the narrow way. The opening in the cassette face plate is 5 11/32" X 2 3/32". The face plate is slightly wider at the top - dimensions are 8 1/8" top, 7 3/4" bottom, 2 5/8" tall

The interior dimensions of the new bin are about 7 1/4" X 2" X 3 1/2"

The new bin has a lip on it that protrudes into the passenger compartment about 1/2" that the retaining screws go through, but it looks easily removable.


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