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I'm changing a head gasket on my 220D from 1973 tomorrow, (in about 14 hours), and I'm still not totally sure on the torque settings. The only book I've been able to find is for models from 1976 on.


......Tightening stages, tightening torques in mkp. The first three stages
are with engine cold, and the last is with the engine warmed up and run
for 5 minutes at operating temperature of 80 degrees C. First stage=4,
second = 6, third = 9, and fourth = 9.

Note that these are straight torque figures, and don't use degrees of
rotation like later ones.

You should retighten again after 300-1000km. This should be done even
though the unscrewing torque might be more than the tightening torque,
so it might appear that the screws are tight enough. "Each screw should
be slightly loosened in the sequence laid down in the screw schedule and
should then be retightened to the prescribed tightening torque. Under
no circumstances should all screws be unscrewed in one operation then
tightened." what I'm going to go on.

Just to complicate matters a new engine was thrown in in 1992, brand new, from Germany like. On the front is stamped 615 015 1101.

The guy from the local Mercedes garage says that those numbers are worthless, but then he was expecting to see number stamped on the block by the pump.

Any comment, or directions towards technical specs on line would be HUGHLY appreciated.

Thank you in advance,

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