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Originally posted by David C Klasse
Steve (MBenz) once gave me directions on how to remove that one... I think I will have to get those files (I have them at work) and get to checking that.
Pics were included...I presume that you didn't loose the mail and information? Otherwise I can resend the message (I have it somewhere as well).

The front bumper slides over the guidance and has a clamp that locks the sides at the guidance. The old and new style bumper have different clamps, but the general idea is the same. You have to push/release the clamp from under the fender (there is an additional short rubber on the mud covers that provides access to the clamp after the rubber is removed).

The rear bumper is fastened with 5 nuts (13mm), 1 in the middle and 2 below each taillight. You only need to loosen these 5 nuts and the rear bumper can be taken off (beware of the clamp that holds the top front bumper edge at the fender/wheel well). Each side has a sliding guidance as well (like on the front).


David, the clamps that secure your front bumper at the sides is the lip that is on top of the guidance that is still on the car. It cliks in the bumper. The rubber I meant (to get access tp the clamp) was lying on the floor in your picture.

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