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Couple of problems. I'll start with the most severe!

1. Just started experiencing reverse gear problems. A couple of days ago, my 94 E320 (125k miles) started hesitating before completely engaging reverse. If I bumped up the rpms, it would suddenly grab and squeel the tires. I took it today and had the trans fluid and filter changed. After I picked it up, I immediately noticed that it was worse than before the fluid change. Now it doesn't want to fully engage no matter what the rpms are. It does go into a very slow reverse when shifted into reverse, but you can push the accelerator and it revs as if in neutral. All forward gears feel fine and the shifting feels as good as it always has. Any ideas?

2. The cruise control has a tendency to not operate occasionally. Sounds electrical. Any thoughts?

3. Rear end suspension question. Ride seems fine. Haven't noticed any handling changes. But, when I hit the bottom of a hill or dip, I can hear a scraping noise coming from the right rear. I've peeked under the chassis (I haven't gotten it on a lift yet - should of thought about that today when they were changing the trans fluid!?!?) but I didn't notice any signs of scraping. The car sits straight and rides fine. Where should I be looking?

I purchased the car about 15 months ago with 79k on it. Besides replacing the brake pads, I haven't had any repairs.

Any help or advice about the transmission will be greatly appreciated.

94 E320
98 Ford Expedition
67 Ford F100
97 Harley-Davidson Fatboy
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