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Please help.

After a complete top end overhaul, new timing chains, tensioner, rails, water pump & thermostat, oil pump chain, shifter bushings, first gear start mod, reseal tranny, new coolant hoses, distributor caps, rotor buttons, and more, we are back on the road again.

However, the dreaded racka-racka on cold start up is still there. Car runs like a charm! BUT.. When you first crank it from a cold start first thing in the morning, with the hood up and standing in the open door as you reach in and crank the car... There it is... blatant as can be for 1 full second...RACKA - RACKA and then its gone for the rest of the day.

We have replaced the tensioner again, still its there.


Could this be a lifter???
We did not replace the lifters with new ones.
How can we test/investigate to determine if it is a lifter?

A secondary issue, but still puzzling, the brakes continue to periodically have a faint resonant roar at highway speeds. When you lightly tap the brake pedal the sound increases considerably and then disappears. Could this be a sticking piston in the caliper? Dust build up in the caliper? The person that sold me the car mentioned that occasionally a vibration would develop (I wonder did he mean a faint roar?) and at that time, the pads should be removed, the calipers cleaned, & the pads simply reinstalled



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