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Originally posted by Jim Villers
Arthur ... Is this an item that I should change even if it is not broken on my '95 E320? Sounds like I should.
I would. Cheap Insurance.

Check the old first. As they were so trouble-some, it may have already been up-dated.

The old one will say "Siemens, Austria" on the side, part# 000 540-52-45. It is behind the bat. Remove the plastic shield and it will be a tall [5'] aluminum can w/fuse on top. It does have a hidden nut/bolt on the side to secure it, so look for that before trying to pull it out.
Fast Lane has the replacement for around $50.

PS I did put the clutch in that Fella's 190SL I told you about. He has had it from new. He is 80 yrs young and could not have been Happier.
See ya,
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