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I have been monitoring the fuel consumption on my car for a while now. I have managed to get a maximum of 300 miles off a full tank.
I admit I haven't been driving very sensibly.
I filled up yesterday, reset my trip clock, and I have been driving very carefully. If I can achieve 400 miles I'll be a very happy chappy.
Are there any parts that could be replaced to improve economy? I was thinking the distributor hasn't been changed since the car was built, so maybe this will improve things.
Overall, the car runs very well.
I have a few issues at the moment that need to be addressed though if anybody can help:

1. My brakes are leaking quite seriously. I have to top up the fluid daily, I think I've found the leak, it seems to be one of the lines under the car in the centre. I've booked my car in to get this sorted.

2. My air-conditioning doesn't work. I went to a Mercedes main dealer and they said the unit was none mercedes benz so they couldn't help. Are the units expensive?

Thanks again guys!
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