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K Juul
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re: fuel economy

Any A/C work now days is expensive because of the EPA requirements. Get a couple of quotes from different A/C shops and good luck.

A good tune up, plugs, wires, cap/rotor never hurts gas mileage.

don't forget the air filter.

Tire pressure, keep at the recommended level, check often.

slipping transmission? had a fluid/filter change recently?

dragging brakes, do you go through pads more quickly than you would expect?

how does the inside of the tail pipe look. A coating of black soot would indicate running rich. Any number of components in the injection system could cause that.

How about a leak in the fuel system. do you smell gas outside the car after it has sat a few minutes after driving.

Off the top of my head these are a few things to check.

PS. I generally fill up as the needle approaches the top of the red. 450 miles is theoretical, haven't seen if it is attaibable. good Luck

ken Juul
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85 380 SL
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