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My Cosworth Vega got down to a quart every 200 or less before I pulled the head for an overhaul - new guides and a modern seal design (the OE seals are junk) - and it never fouled a plug, which is the same type/heat range as M103 except they are the resistor type. Interestingly, even with the huge oil consumption it was squeaky clean on emission testing. The oil comsumption is now about a quart every 4-5000 miles - I drive it so little it's tough to measure - but the emissions actually went up a little on the first test after the head refresh. Go figure!

When testing wires you should twist/bend them around a bit and pull on them lightly as there can always be an intermittent high resistance. I also found that a couple of terminals on my OE cap had "flaky" resistance readings, so I replaced it and the rotor with a new Bosch OE equivalent parts - not cheap, but the idle quality and emission test performance improved, and at the rate I'm accumulating mileage they should outlive me!

It doesn't sound like your engine has excessively high oil consumption.

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