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c280 1998 oil leak

To correct my former post, I have a 1998 c280 mercedes benz. It just turned 100k miles yesterday. i have noticed an oil leak problem. The car is making a weird noise when I push the break or when it stops it makes a rattling noise. I checked the oil and it is fine. I recently did an oil change and it was maybe an 1/8th of quart low. When I opened the hood, it shows that there is oil leakage from the front of the engine. About 3 monthes ago, the serpentine belt was chewed up. It was all oilly. I bought a new belt and put it on, no problems with that again. I do notice that the belt is a a little oilly now. I am bringing in the car for maintance on monday, I just want to know if anyone knows that this problem is.
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