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Originally Posted by baraboom
Brian, Thanks again for your opinion!
Where do I get the RedLine or Power Service conditioners?
What Diesel Fuel Purge would you recomend? I was thinking about Lubro Moly Diesel Purge, what do you think?
Wal-Mart sells Power Service. I can't comment on RedLine.

Lubro Moly Diesel Purge is fine. I haven't needed to use it with continuous use of the Power Service. I use 12 oz. Power Service to 20 gallons of fuel. It raises the cetane level by six points with this concentration.

Power Service comes in two types. The gray jug is what you want unless you need anti-gel capability. The white jug is for winter service. If you need anti-gel, then use the white jug. The white jug doesn't give you as much bang for the buck.
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