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I am cognizant of the fact that there must be a full load adjustment, in addition to other adjustments that are utilized when the pump is calibrated on a test bench. Perhaps I am a little too chicken to play with such settings without the proper methodology for testing; I donít know whether or not playing with the mixture settings while the IP is on the car is advisable.

While more fuel = more power, it is only true up to a certain point. Once you run out of enough oxygen to support combustion, you would be dumping fuel and $ out of the tailpipe. From what Iíve read here, there is also a combustion temperature factor that must be addressed; this I donít quite understand, as on a gas engine, excessive fuel cools down the combustion process. Additionally, on a diesel, Iím not sure about the effect that excessive fuel would have on washing down the cylinder walls. On a gasoline engine, that is definitely a no-no, and I see no reason that it would not apply here as well.

What I would like to do is dump a ton of fuel on demand, i.e., set up a switch that I could manually activate when I wanted to create a cloud of noxious fumes. Donít ask me why.

With the aneroid set for full rich, and youíre still not getting ANY smoke out the tailpipe, perhaps there is something else amiss?

Good Luck!
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