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I just recently aquired a 1980 300cd with 128,000 miles. It has been very well maintained as it was owned by a consulate of Peru. I was working under the dash removing an old alarm system when I knocked some vacuum lines loose. The engine now does not shut off by key and I have to manually shut it off. I have two brown vacuum lines going into the ingition switch and I saw that one goes into the switch for the fuel, uncertain about name of part but it is white and plastic, and a black line that runs from the side of the white plastic part into the cab. However, I do not know where that black(I guess shut off line)goes. I removed the center console and there was two lines that did have a connector attached to them. the first one is black and is short and is coming out from the bottom end of the AC control unit, the second is a green striped line that is attached to a connector comming off of the master cylinder line that ends underneath the AC unit control inside the cab. These two lines did not look like they were connected at one time nor does the black line connected to the white plastic part(fuel valve?) long enough to go to the AC control unit. It is long enough to connect to the inginition switch. Have I connected the lines wrong or am I missing a y-connector? Need some help please.
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