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I'm just about ready to donate this thing to Charity.

1992 300E: No fans coming on at all. Resistor glowing BRIGHT red when car gets at all warm (bright enough to shine on the garage wall).
Recently replaced:

One electric fan.
Updated relay for high speed fans.
Temp sensor mounted on head.
Head Gasket.
New, clean fuses.

The dealer says something is grounding out. The wiring to the fans looks fine. The wiring coming off the resistor has the insulation burned, but nothing is touching metal. I tried putting a new fuse in the high speed relay, but it blows when I turn on the key.

Could it be:
A: the other fan out (would it keep the other from working).
B: The low speed relay burned up.
C: The wiring to the fans has somehow been cut.

I'm at my wit's end with this car. Just got it out of the shop from replacing the fuel hose. Seems like something daily. I miss my diesel now...

I'm going to get a new low speed relay this weekend at the dealership. I would value ANY thoughts on this before I call a tow truck...

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